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9,5 floz insulated bento box

MB Capsule

A fresh salad for adults, a hot dish for kids or warm mashed potatoes for toddlers: the MB Capsule insulated lunch box adapts to the needs of the whole family!
With its ideal dimensions for small portions and its capacity to keep food hot or cold for up to 5 hours (depending on contents and method of use), the MB Capsule small insulated lunch box is perfect for the meal or snack of kids and adults!


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9,5 floz / 280 ml insulated bento box - MB Capsule

The whole family can easily enjoy a meal or snack kept at the perfect temperature with the MB Capsule! The compact size and insulating properties of this small insulated lunch box make it a great partner for all your adventures away from home: in the park, at school, at the office or on vacation, the MB Capsule will follow you wherever you go!

What is an insulated lunch box?

Have you ever wanted to go for a walk in the park with your toddler but didn't know how to carry a fruit compote or mashed vegetables? Or perhaps your kids' cafeteria was exceptionally closed for a few days and you had to give them sandwiches for lunch instead of their usual hot meal? Not to mention your own experience: how do you carry your fruit or raw vegetable salad to the office? For all these exceptional and everyday situations, the MB Capsule comes to your rescue! Its compact size is perfect for what each member of the family needs, for the greatest delight of food lovers!

What materials are best for insulating lunch boxes?

The secret of the MB Capsule's insulating performance lies in its materials and design! This small insulated lunch container is made of 18/8 stainless steel, known for its resistance and compatibility with insulating products. Its compact design and double-walled container with a vacuum system also optimize the performance of the MB Capsule. Its lid is also fitted with a seal that limits heat/cold loss, while ensuring that the bento box is completely leakproof.

What is the best container to keep food hot?

Go on adventures with peace of mind with the MB Capsule insulated food jar! Baby food, tomato risotto for the kids and pumpkin soup for the older food lovers will be kept warm for up to 5 hours (depending on the contents and the conditions of use). The type of dish and the amount of food carried as well as the conditions and environment of use of this small insulated bento box can have an influence on the insulating performance.

How do you keep food cold in a lunchbox?

The MB Capsule is also perfect for those who prefer cold dishes or snacks over hot ones! It will keep baby's apple sauce, children's chocolate cookies and parents' fruit salads nice and cool for up to 5 hours (depending on the content and the conditions of use)! The perfect partner for your summer outings!

Is stainless steel lunch box microwave safe?

The MB Capsule is not microwave safe. It can hold hot food, but it must first be heated up in a saucepan (preferably) or in the microwave before being placed in the MB Capsule container that keeps food warm.
If you are looking for a microwave-safe lunch box, we recommend the MB Tresor for your children (to be reheated in the microwave for a maximum of 3 minutes, at 500W, without the lids). For your afternoon snacks, discover the small MB Savor square bento box, whose lid is fitted with a steam release cap to open before placing in the microwave.

How to optimize the MB Element's efficiency?

Now you know everything about the MB Capsule: you know that it will keep your food prepared with love at temperature for up to 5 hours! To improve your knowledge about your favorite insulated lunch box, we want to share a few useful tips with you. Follow these steps for optimal use!

  • Preheat/cool the MB Capsule container by filling it with hot/cold water. Screw on the lid and let the water in for at least 30 seconds before emptying it.
  • Then, fill your kids (or adults) insulated lunch box with your meal that has been first reheated (preferably in a pan rather than in the microwave to ensure an even temperature that is easier to maintain) or taken out of the refrigerator. Be sure to fill the bento box to the top and use chopped foods rather than whole ingredients to help maintain the temperature.
  • Close the lunch box quickly and firmly, and then be patient: don't open your MB Capsule before meal/snack time!
  • When it is finally time to eat, stir your dish first to ensure an even temperature, and ... enjoy!

One last tip to make sure your dish will remain at the right temperature for the longest possible time: carry your favorite insulated bento lunch box in an insulated bag, such as the MB Daily with its practical cabas shape!

Can you wash an insulated lunch box?

Nothing could be easier than taking care of your MB Capsule stainless steel insulated lunch box! Place its container directly in the upper rack of your dishwasher and use a gentle cycle. All that's left to do is to wash the lid by hand, using a soft sponge and dishwashing liquid.
Some spicy (curry) or sauce (tomato) dishes can stain the product, so we recommend you to rinse your lunch box right after using it. Despite being very careful, the container of your MB Capsule is stained? No worries: soak it in hot water with baking soda for a few hours and it will look brand new again!

What accessories should I choose to go with my MB Element?

Adopting the MB Capsule is the first step towards successful to-go lunches! Complete your lunch set with other products from the monbento collection to go with your best insulated lunch box and make your life on the go easier!
Little foodies will enjoy eating their meal with the MB Pocket Color cutlery set, adapted to their little hands. It is well known that eating makes you thirsty! To keep the little ones hydrated during the meal (and the day), place the small MB Positive S compact bottle into their sports or school bags. Your little adventurers prefer when their drinks are cold? Give them the MB Stram kids' insulated bottle, which can be carried around with its practical strap or its small comfortable handles.
To go with their hot or cold snack, parents can easily carry a main course in one or two of the tiers of the MB Original bento box. If you love adventures in the nature, you will surely prefer the MB Element plarge insulated lunch box to carry your main dish and keep it at temperature for up to 10 hours. The MB Slim Nest cutlery set in its textile case, the MB Positive M 17 floz (500 ml) bottle to match your kids' one or the MB Pop insulated bottle for your daily comforting drinks, all carried in the MB Pochette (lunch bag (that can be useful for both young and older food lovers) or the MB Daily insulated cabas bag: and that's it, you'll be ready for new on-the-go adventures!

What food can you put in an insulated lunch box?

The MB Capsule insulated lunch box for adults and kids has a total capacity of 9,5 floz (280 ml), which makes it ideal for many dishes:

  • For toddlers, parents can easily carry polenta or seasonal, mashed vegetables to the park, as well as fruit granita or apple sauce to give to their their little ones.
  • Children will love to use their own little insulated lunch box to enjoy creamy risottos or daddy's tasty ratatouille, as well as seasonal fruit crumbles or small pastries filled with their favorite fruit.
  • The older foodies will be able to carry a sweet or savory snack for their morning break, a small cold or hot starter to go with their main course or a tasty dessert to finish the meal on a sweet note: porridge, quinoa, raw vegetable or fresh fruit salad, soups or gazpachos, you are spoilt for choice!

Need a little help? Discover our MB Capsule recipes on our blog!