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To-go cutlery

MB Pocket & MB Slim

Choose monbento to enjoy tasty meals on the go simply and easily! In plant-based plastic or stainless steel, carried in a textile case, a box, or directly under the top lid of the MB Original or MB Square bento box, monbento offers you a host of options!

Cutlery sets

For lunches on-the-go with home comforts!

Tomato and mozzarella, crusty bread and cheese, pasta in a pesto sauce, strawberries dipped in chocolate… And your lunch box and cutlery on the go, of course! Some duos are simply inseparable, and when one's without the other, it simply just doesn't taste the same. The same goes for our lunch box and cutlery sets: Thanks to monbento®'s cutlery on the go sets, you can fully enjoy your lunch wherever you like, without compromising on comfort. Don't worry, we've definitely understood that here at monbento®! That's why we've developed a range of silverware on the go sets, which are just as practical for little and big hands alike as they are easy to transport. Focus on our cutlery sets to go - we'll follow your lead!

Why are reusable ustensils good?

Here at monbento®, we can adapt to your every need! Some of you will be looking for cutlery that can resist any conditions, others will prefer cutlery that's particularly practical and can be taken wherever your go, and others again will want safety to be the number one priority before handing the cutlery over to their little ones. That's why we've designed different types of cutlery and we can't wait to tell you all about them!

The MB Slim Box

An age-old trio: The knife, fork and spoon! The good news is that the MB Slim Box combines these three essential pieces of cutlery so that you can enjoy a successful lunch on the go! Made with stainless steel, they're resistant and ready to join you on all your adventures. The fine and elongated shape and their textured handles add to the wonderful user experience, whether you're at the office, on a picnic or kicking back at the beach. In order to be able to transport them easily, the cutlery is carefully stored away in a box made with PP and PC, which are two extremely resistant plastics. Plus, to keep the cutlery safely in place in their protective case, we've added in a little support element in colorful silicone. This support features two notches created especially for the cutlery: One for the knife and the other for the spoon and forked stacked one on top of the other. The little added extra of this reusable cutlery set which makes all the difference is that you can also put your knife, fork and spoon in the silicone support directly underneath the top lid of your MB Original, MB Sense or MB Square lunch box. This way, you'll have everything you need to enjoy your meal, all in the one box!

The MB Slim Nest

If this name seems familiar to you, it's because this cutlery shares the family name of the MB Slim Box, with a few little differences that we'll highlight for you. First of all, unlike their cousins, the MB Slim Box, the MB Slim Nest are not stored in a resistant plastic case. Instead, they're carefully protected in a rigid fabric case with a zip fastening, so that you can fully open it up. Inside, you'll find two elastic loops that you can slip the cutlery into - the knife on one side and the fork and spoon stacked together on the other side. This way, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your cutlery won't budge while you're on the move, you won't hear any metal clattering around and, most importantly, they won't get damaged! Plus, the fine and elongated shape of this sleeve and its sophisticated gray color makes it perfect for slipping into your backpack, handbag or even your jacket pocket - so you'll never be caught short without cutlery! The other difference when compared with the MB Slim Box is in the composition of the set. The MB Slim Nest are available in two versions: Fork, knife and spoon, or fork, spoon and chopsticks. Super practical for treating yourself to sushi!

The MB Pocket Color

Lunch box cutlery set for grown-ups? Check! What about little ones, though? Don't worry, here at monbento®, we have of course thought about little foodies and their tiny little hands! The MB Pocket Color reusable cutlery set includes a fork, spoon and knife in a compact format. They're made in PLA, which is a durable plant-based plastic, which can be composted (through industrial composting). This colorful cutlery can be mixed or matched with their MB Tresor or MB Wonder lunch box, which is designed with a special compartment just for storing away the fork, knife and spoon. Just like the MB Slim Box, this cutlery on the go is stored and protected in a compact case, made with resistant PP and PC. This way, little ones can enjoy their lunch on the go just like grown-ups! Plus, on the flip side, if parents want to match with their little ones, it's worth noting that this cutlery on the go can also be stored under the top lid of the MB Original, MB Sense and MB Square lunch boxes. Simply take the lid off the cutlery case and place the rest of it directly onto the intermediate lid of the lunch box. Little bonus: If kids aren't using the containers from their MB Tresor lunch box, they can use the space underneath the top lid to also store their cutlery set, just like mom and dad!

Wondering where to keep the cutlery?

As we've mentioned, we've designed our reusable cutlery sets to go to be compatible with our lunch boxes and to be easy to take with you wherever you go, all while keeping them protected. That's why each of our cutlery sets are solid with a box or case. This way, you can easily slip them into your handbag, suitcase, beach bag or even your little ones' school bags, with peace of mind knowing that they'll stay together in their proper place, protected from any impacts in transit. You can also keep your cutlery sets to go in your lunch box! For example, you just need to take off the soft silicone support from the MB Slim Box with the 3 pieces of cutlery in their notches, and to place them on the intermediate lid of the MB Original lunch box, lengthways. Next, put back the top lid onto the lunch box, add the elastic around it, and set off for your delicious adventure!To store the MB Slim Box cutlery in the MB Square cutlery, you'll firstly need to take the cutlery out of the box and the colored support. Next, place this support on the intermediate lid of the MB Square, diagonally, and in the following order, add into one of the two notches the knife first, then the spoon in the middle and the fork on top, with the monbento® logo facing up. Need a little visual recap? No worries, we've made a video to show you how to store your cutlery in your lunch box, and you can watch it right here!

What age should my child use cutlery?

All parents want the best for their little ones! So, what cutlery can you give your little ones? monbento® has designed a cutlery set especially for them that's safe and practical to use with their little hands - meet the MB Pocket Color. This cutlery can be used by little ones aged 4 years and older. They're made in plant-based plastic which is, as we've already mentioned, a material that's well-suited to their little teeth. This set includes a fork with non-sharp prong tips to protect their gums, a little spoon that's practical for their desserts, and a round-tip knife with softened edges to avoid any risks of them cutting themselves. Lightweight, compact and resistant, they can be used for all of your little ones' lunches on the go: Whether it's for a family picnic, lunchtime at school, on a class trip or even at summer camp.

What are the advantage of using reusable cutleries?

By using monbento®'s reusable cutlery, you're not only doing something good for the planet, but also something for your own comfort! Of course, thanks to your monbento® lunch box cutlery set, you'll always have a fork and other lunch accessories to hand in your bag or coat pocket. This way, if you're eating on the go or if you've been invited to a last-minute picnic, you can proudly say no to the disposable cutlery offered alongside your salad or the dish of the day. By saying no to disposable cutlery, you're contributing to reducing waste, which certainly earns you brownie points in our book! Plus, disposable cutlery isn't always very practical or pleasant to use: It can break upon contact with harder foods, get soft and mushy with liquid foods, or even add a subtle but unpleasant taste to your meal on the go. This disposable cutlery can also sometimes add a little extra cost onto your lunch, as it's not always free. With your monbento® reusable cutlery on the go in stainless steel or plastic, you can enjoy meals with home comforts!

What is the most sustainable cutlery?

Just like lunch boxes, your sustainable cutlery needs to be able to adapt to your needs. So, if you're hesitating between the different monbento® sets, take some time to think about what will be most practical for you in your most common day-to-day life habits.

  • If you're worried about losing your cutlery or forgetting them before you set off for the office, if you don't have a lot of space while travelling, and if you prioritize practicality without compromising on comfort… The MB Slim Box set is made for you! Its long and slender cutlery handles will allow you to easily and comfortably eat from your lunch box. You can choose to transport them in their protective box or directly under the top lid of your lunch box to optimize the space in your lunch bag!
  • If you're sometimes short of time when preparing your lunch box the night before and opt for take-out options from the restaurants around your office, if you like to transport your cutlery separately to make sure that it's well-protected in transit, or if you often use the MB Element insulated lunch box, opt for the MB Slim Nestset. The cutlery, with its long and slender handles, will be easy to transport in their compact textile case, which is elegant yet robust and which is easily slipped into a tote bag or blazer pocket, for example!
  • If you use a metal lunch box and want to avoid metal-on-metal contact, or if you want to share your cutlery with your kids, we'd recommend opting for the MB Pocket Color set. This cutlery is made from plant-based plastic in a compact shape that's practical for transporting in a little handbag or under the top lid of your lunch box. Kids will also easily be able to use and transport their cutlery in their MB Wonder lunch box.