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17 floz smart insulated bottle

MB Genius

Designed in stainless steel, the MB Genius insulated bottle will keep your drinks hot or cold for up to 12 hours (depending on the content and the conditions of use). Just shake to initiate the smart lid which will show the temperature of the bottle's contents (temperature in °C)! Whether in your bag or on your desk, the bottle shows the temperature of your favourite drinks before you enjoy them!

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500 ml / 17 floz smart insulated bottle - MB Genius

Keep an eye on your drink temperature!

The MB Genius smart insulated bottle not only keeps your drink cold or warm for up to 12 hours*, but also displays the temperature of its content on its cap.

Made in stainless steel, a strong material, the MB Genius smart insulated bottle is resistant and durable over time.
A lid fitted with sensors enables the MB Genius smart insulated bottle to show the level of heat/cold, and the exact temperature (°C) of your drink.
BPA-free**, BPS-free and made from quality materials, the MB Genius drink bottle is food safe and preserves the taste of your drink.
The MB Genius bottle is guaranteed for 2 years.
Food grade
Product dimensions : w 7 x l 7 x h 23,5 cm / w 2,8 x l 2,8 x h 9,3 in
Capacity : 50 cl / 17 floz
Weight : 290 g / 0,64 lbs
1 container (18/8 stainless steel), 1 cap (PP + LED + stainless steel + PCA + battery), 1 seal, 1 bottom pad (silicone)
* depending on its content and conditions of use
** in accordance with the regulations