Happy Angry Hospitality podcast


Big welcome to the (new!) Happy Angry Hospitality podcast and episode guide!

…where hospitality industry pros and community thrivers relive their most awful, disastrous hospitality experiences.

Hosted by Washington, DC-based storyteller and hospitality fan Jill Foster — the gamut of hospitality disenchantments at restaurants, coffee houses, places of worship, hotels, concierge desks, and more come to storytelling-life in 20 minute interview conversations.

Believing the worst hospitality inspires the best insight, Jill and her guests invite you to listen-in as they learn out loud how the road to happy customers is paved with a lot of useful angry bumps.

EPISODE 1 – click to play


Ms. Vanessa French, SVP at Beekeeper Group, Washington, DC; @vanessafrench


Length: 20m

Learnings (just a hint!):

  • Vanessa’s BIG hospitality regret;
  • the awesome rise of philosopher-cab-drivers in DC;
  • and why tv series “Downton Abbey” inspires her approach toward hospitality and service excellence.

EPISODE 2 – click to play



Mr. Patrick Aster, Cafe Manager at La Colombe, Washington, DCChinatown



Length: 20m

Learnings (just a hint!):

  • Patrick’s agony-in-service moment at “that place in Vermont…”;
  • his antidote to the pretentious barista myth;
  • and what building a hospitality culture involves at an intensely busy urban coffee house.

More episodes are in-the-works and coming soon.

Thanks for investing your time here! No matter what hospitality experience you encounter or create today, may it be a lasting exchange of good will for all involved.


A personal footnote on what motivated this podcast to life:

I. Blogging the Democratic National Convention’08:   A jillion years ago just before smart phones went mainstream, colleagues and I were experimenting with a new-at-the-time online content sharing platform. To post an audio cast on one’s platform page, we’d call a toll free number with a razor phone to record the audio and publish. I love that memory, and its contrast to the mega-accessible tech tools today!

Then this particular startup (named Utterz which has since closed shop) offered to sponsor me as a credentialed blogger at the Democratic National Convention’08…when President Obama accepted his first nomination to run. It was a cherished thrill; and the love for engaging live-time stories and sharing them came to be.

II. Learning ‘radical hospitality’ at Foundry UMC, Washington, DC:   Many sales/hospitality/storytelling careers later after that DNC’08 event, I had the joy of serving as hospitality and ministry manager at Foundry UMC. There Pastor Ginger affected my outlook toward hospitality in the most potent way. She introduced the team and Foundry community to a term called radical hospitality, and to Bishop Robert Schnase’s definition of it:

“By radical, don’t think wild-eyed, out of control, or in your face. Instead, imagine people offering the absolute utmost of themselves, their creativity, their abilities, and their energy to offer the gracious invitation and reception of Christ to others.”

This mindset changed (…entranced!) my perspective toward hospitality permanently.

This mindset has galvanized my desire to uplift hospitality as a powerful profession, and to celebrate it as a means to help a turbulent world be more conscious of hospitality as a radical welcome to any neighbor.



Photo attribution (top center) F=MA by gfpeck licensed under Creative Commons