DC Architecture eBook

20 years of happiness and sadness in DC, a love story told through architectural photographs

Janie Herman's feedback and support

I wrote an ebook about my love of DC architecture and memories of 20 years immersed in life here.

Geometry and space achieve incredible beauty.

This is why I love architecture so much. Intimately observing it has a powerful and meditative effect.

After living in Washington, DC for years, I started taking early morning walks to clear my head and exercise. During those walks, the city’s exquisite structures began to stand out. For whatever reason, I had not fully noticed what amazing architectural environments this town offered until that time. So my camera became a way to discover and share.

There are certain buildings and spaces here that captivate my heart, both for their artistry and for how they draw out my inner ponderings. This little book is a trip down those emotional avenues and memories of living in Washington, DC, while visually relating to some of this town’s beautiful architecture.

Each page reflects an image with a splice of poetry, observation, or vignette of the past.

The collection is grouped in five sections:

  1. Adjacent to spiritual questions
  2. Diameter of ambition
  3. Fallen angles
  4. Circumference within
  5. Areas in the wake

This is not an all-inclusive architectural guide of the District. I offer it though with great affection for this city’s design and the vibrant, aching, blessed life I’ve experienced here.

Thank you for sharing in these reflections and moments.