Welcome! Inner Life Digest is a life-blog-of-reflection often bridging into professional territory.

The craft of storytelling; the hospitality profession; and how both intersect to fill community need (and spiritual hunger!) make for steady conversation here.

Jill M. Foster, Inner Life Digest

A previous coach to public speakers & storytellers, she regularly blogs at Inner Life Digest. Jill creates and teaches storytelling through speaking at community events; teaching/mentoring oral storytelling as a craft to community groups; hosting story salons; podcasting; and video blogging.

She belongs to Foundry United Methodist Church in Washington, DC (with a ton of gratefulness!) & formerly served as the Hospitality and Ministry Manager there.

img_0232She shares a lifelong delight for storytelling, and has witnessed its ability over and over again to connect diverse people (…even those resistant to connection from the get-go!).

Host of podcast Happy Angry Hospitality, true stories by hospitality pros and devotees from across the land come to life. Guests share their most disenchanting hospitality experiences….all to better learn what evolves happy guest outcomes.

Her first book —an architecture photo & poetry ebook inspired by memories of living in DC— is offered as a gift from her heart to yours.

She lives in Washington’s Chinatown neighborhood with her husband Sean Stickle & gifted cats.

Janie Herman's feedback and support

Twitter – @jillfoster

Instagram – @jillfoster

YouTube – JillFoster

Podcast – Happy Angry Hospitality

Phone – 202 203 0255

Email – jill@liveyourtalk.com

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