A little moment at a monestary


A monk community lived nearby and worshipped at a precious chapel. Visitors would gather for silent meditation retreats on campus. At prayer one morning, I thought the space was empty & all to myself. My eyes however hadn’t adjusted to the tender light.

A few pews over knelt a man from 1980s history, LtCol Oliver North of Iran-Contra struggles. I recall  feeling ashamed for wanting the small chapel to be fully mine.

3 thoughts on “A little moment at a monestary

    1. Hi Tinu – Thanks for this; pardon my delay of reply here. You ask “why shame?” There was something about seeing LtCol North quietly praying that was humbling; it made me realize how much I first wanted to avoid others. Once seeing him quietly there – seeking his solace yet willing to share the space with a stranger / fellow seeker – wised me up that even cravings of private meditation can occur when near another.

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      1. Your mind is a fascinating wonderland. Ps- don’t worry about it. Until I downloaded the WordPress app my comment notifications were lost in a sea of email.

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