A prayer for courage


Hello God,

This inner wavy energy sometimes feels so strong, full of rapid quakes. The quaking makes me very nervous. Will you help me I pray, to be humble and open to you…humble and quiet enough to listen to your voice within these strange quakes inside?

Will you help me to receive your courage? I give thanks to you for any inner cues – no matter how swirled it feels or abstract or uneasy. May I view such moments as a chance to practice the seeking of your voice.

Those inner currents surely are apart of your loving spirit that’s carving out space for your guidance. I want to trust this.  I do not want to resist. Maybe the nervousness is something I too can smile upon and gently ‘let be.’

Thank you so much for listening and for your patience and cradling strength. I am grateful for your courage, all dimensions of it, both the known & the unrecognized.


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